How big are your shepherd huts?

Our smallest is currently 12’x7′. It comes in a modular form. Our largest is currently 22’ long and 13” wide which includes a pull-out side. This hut also has a large wrap round balcony with rain hood.

Are woodburning stoves safe?

Yes. If installed correctly by an experienced installer and with adequate stand off from combustible surfaces. Further provisions should include adequate ventilation, a suitable non-combustible hearth and carbon monoxide detector. Only the recommended fuel should be used.

Do they require maintenance?

Yes, the hardwood doors and windows will need some care from time to time. Hinges will need oiling. Other external timber will require maintenance. The wood burner and flue will require servicing along with any gas heating boiler/appliance.

Are shepherd huts movable?

Yes, as they are on the wheels they can be towed. Most models have chassis with integral turntables which assist with manoeuvring.

How are huts delivered?

They are delivered on the back of a 30-foot crane lorry. Chains and spreader bar ensure that the hut arrives in good condition. The 11’6” modular huts are delivered flat pack and arrive on a smaller vehicle or trailer.

Can I get a hut into an awkward position in my back garden?

Yes, the modular huts are designed so that any part can be carried by two people.

Do shepherd huts have toilets?

Yes. All of our huts except for the 11”6’ modular huts have a toilet, shower and wash basin.

Do you offer finance?

Yes, we can introduce you to a suitable contact. We have a partnership with  GTF Event Equipment Finance.

Shepherd huts seem to vary enormously in price for a similar product. If I pay a premium for shepherd huts, can I rent it out for more?

No, we have never known a paying guest ask the make of a hut before committing to a booking. We would therefore strongly advise people to be careful what they pay! If it comes down to a price war in the letting market those who paid the most for their huts will not bode well.

Do I need to connect services to my hut?

No. However if you want to use your hut as an office, we recommend at least two 240Volt sockets.
On Grid Electricity. This is very convenient however the downside is that you lose freedom to move the hut around. Services can be expensive to install properly. There is also the cost of electricity to consider. See more on On Grid Sites.
Off Grid Electricity. This option can be dependent on the sun shining or the wind blowing. It can be expensive to set up, however once established should be cheaper than providing mains electricity. You have the freedom to move the huts around the site. See more on Off Grid Systems.

What are the advantages of a particle board?

Particle boards can hold screws and nails, they are made from waste wood products (eco friendly), are easy to clean and maintain, have no natural defects, have high soundproof properties and are non-flammable.

Are the shepherd huts warm?

Our Shepherd huts are very warm and designed for all year letting.
The team at Stamford shepherd huts are at the cutting edge of shepherd hut manufacture. We have developed a highly thermal shepherd hut with kitchen and bathroom. No more cancelling the bookings at the last minute due to frozen pipes.
The huts have the following provisions:
• Super thick insulation to the floor and roof
• Insulated walls.
• A space age thermal wrap to all surfaces.
• A metal underbelly to keep out the harshest of the conditions.
• Heated plumbing pipes with thermal controller.
• Insulated water heater housing which fixes to the rear of the hut, this also heated from the thermostat. Our newer models have trace heating.
• Triple glazing.
• Provision for a wood burning stove.
• These huts also double as a super silent space due to the level of insulation.

How long will the huts last?

All of our huts are of steel frame construction on steel chassis. The sides are corrugated tin with a tin roof. It is difficult to imagine the huts not being in sound condition in 50-year time. Unlike modern caravans the shepherd hut design is timeless! Timber cladded huts will need recladding after 25 years.

Do shepherd huts need planning permission?

In your back garden – no.

On agricultural land – yes, unless you get an exemption licence (see Wanderlust Camping Club).

There is a myth about shepherd huts not requiring planning permission as they are on wheels. This could be argued successfully if you can demonstrate that it is regularly moved (watch out for Google Earth the Eye in the sky). If you can’t give evidence that hut/-s are frequently moved the local authority could argue that the hut is a building due to its size and weight and degree of permanence. Click here to read more about planning permission.

Is there a risk of hut blowing over?

No, our huts are steel framed and on the steel chassis. They are over twice the weight of the caravan by surface area unlike caravans. There is therefore no risk of a hut blowing over.

Are the water pipes likely to freeze up in freezing weather?

Yes, unless the water is drained out. The Polar model has heated pipe work for winter use.

What do customers want to know before booking a stay?

• Are children on site?
• Are dogs allowed?
• Is there a bathroom in the hut?
• Is there electricity?
• Is there a kitchen?
• Is there a fridge?
• Is there an outdoor heated hot tub or jacuzzi?
• Is there a bbq provided?
• Is there a fire pit?
• Is wood provided for the fire/bbq?
• Anywhere to sit out or in the rain?
• Where is the nearest • shop/pub/restaurant?
• What activities are in the area?
• Where could we walk to?
• Is there any road noise?

How do I need to prepare the ground before installing my new hut?

Shepherd huts are heavy and so the minimum preparation should include the levelling off the ground and the laying out of crane type spreader pads. These are made of rubber or composite plastic and will help spread the weight of your shepherd hut. Anything laid upon the ground does not require planning permission. Where by the excavation of the ground and the laying of concrete does require planning permission as it is considered an engineering work.
The crane pads are available in several sizes. In circumstances where the land is prone to sinking in wet conditions the larger pads are recommended. These can be in the order of 1m2 or larger.
Unless sheep are grazing the land it is prudent to prevent weed growing beneath the hut by laying weed suppressing fabric prior to the crane pads. Gravel or bark can be laid on the fabric for aesthetic and also to weight it down.